“Mixes that take you somewhere else.”

Hey there, I’m Jon Paz Gale, a record mixer (and additional production-doer) who’s all about diving deep into the emotional core of your music.

Growing up across a blend of countries and cultures, I always felt like I belonged outside the lines. Music became my way to connect, express, and find my place in the world. I’ve spent a decade helping musicians like you chisel away the fluff and get to the heart of your art. I crave the nuance that comes from embracing contrasts – the grit and clarity, the lament and joy, the deconstruction and rebirth. It’s a vibe that seeps into every mix I do.

With a deep respect for simplicity and a curated collection of lovingly modified gear (yeah, I’m a bit of a gear nerd), my mixes reflect the beautifully messy, multifaceted nature of being human. Because let’s be real, you and I are complex creatures with a lot to express. If you’re curious how that sounds, you might get a feel from the player below.

If you’re looking for a collaborator who works hard to get you, who’s down to explore the spiritual side of music-making, and who’s not afraid to get a little weird in the pursuit of something extraordinary, I’m your guy. Let’s make some magic together!

Now, I know numbers and buzz don’t always reflect good music, but it’s pretty cool that projects I’ve worked on have gotten some love from the press (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and have racked up millions of streams on Spotify in 2023 alone.

Here are some records I’ve worked on